There may not be a better explanation of what evil is than the Pathwork Guide’s Lecture 248. In today’s crowded and confused public sphere, evil is on every tongue — but what it is remains elusive. The Guide’s words help illuminate it.
Join your fellow Pathworkers on Friday, November 15, for an exploration of Lecture 248, “Three Principles of the Forces of Evil — Personification of Evil.”
From the Lecture:
“…both good and evil are often experienced on a very superficial level according to limited, personal, and highly subjective perceptions. When the issues are seen on a deeper level of consciousness, what was first believed to be good can often be seen as questionable and possibly as a mask of something evil. By the same token, what appears bad on the surface might turn out to be a very good experience or manifestation.
“So it is quite true that good and evil should be both viewed with caution and discernment and examined in as much depth as possible. However, it is a grave mistake to assume that because of this fact good and evil do not exist in a very real way. The denial of good and evil as absolutes, in spite of the relative perception humans have of them, leads to nihilism, hopelessness, and the void — as if that were the ultimate reality.”
We meet at the home of Traci and Joel Rosow, 107 East 38th Street, apartment 4B. We meet on Friday, November 15, at 7pm.