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‘Relationship’ is the theme we will explore together in our free monthly discussion groups based on the Pathwork lectures, a body of wisdom for self-awareness, emotional growth and inner transformation. Monthly discussions include meditation, mindfulness, and exercises to embody and experience the lecture material. You can read or download the Pathwork lectures by clicking on the PL#s listed below. Come to one or all of the discussions!

Classes and Workshops

Leadership: Kathleen Kiley Fisher
Wellness Insights, LLC

[email protected]

As an energy medicine practitioner and yoga training facilitator, I’ve been offering private sessions for twenty-four years. I provide guidance that leads to the root cause of issues, bringing a greater sense of resolve and peace. The work I’m called to do assists clients in unraveling historical beliefs, patterns and old identities that no longer serve a constructive purpose. Clients learn how to access their body’s own innate wisdom to heal. Utilizing clinically proven destress techniques, clients find inner calm as they begin to align with their ‘inner knowing’. Professionally, there isn’t anything more rewarding than the personal connection that develops between a client and myself through this process. I am deeply moved by the divine guidance that embraces each session.

The individual work that I have done with clients over the years has led to many meaningful collaborations. While in private practice in Altanta, GA, I worked as co-principal investigator in the research study with Emory University, “Wellness Interventions and Quality of Life in Parkinson’s Disease”. A pilot study that showed statistical significance in anxiety reduction, decrease in tremors, and an overall improvement in quality of life in patients who received spiritual healing interventions. I also produced and hosted the television program ‘The Dream Show’ interviewing several renowned authors who pioneered the field of integrative medicine. The show aired in Atlanta, GA for five years.

Upon returning to CT, I developed several Wellness and Spirituality training programs for behavioral health organizations, correctional institutions, and state health agencies. The programs have been implemented at the CT Women’s Consortium, CT Valley Hospital, Department of Corrections (for adults and youth), UCONN Health Center, Comfort Keepers In-Home Health, and many other Wellness-focused organizations.

The increasing demand for training programs called for curriculums and lesson plans, hence the publication of three manuals: ‘Wellness Lessons For Social Emotional Learning’, ‘Destress With Mind, Body, and Breath’ and ‘The Spiritual Mind’. Each manual includes content and methods that emphasize how to successfully incorporate a routine wellness practice anywhere – at work or at home.

I have been a Pathwork counselor for twenty-four years and currently serve as a board member on the New York Pathwork Region (NYPR). I received my Energy Medicine certification from the White Winds Institute, Atlanta, GA in 2000 and my Yoga Instructor certification from Yoga Ed, Los Angeles, CA in 2008. I received clinical pastoral training from the St Francis Academy of Pastoral Counseling in Hartford, CT and I’m currently a member of ACPE: The Standard for Spiritual Care & Education. I received a BS degree in Business Administration from Mt. St. Mary’s College.

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