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02/08/2019 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

We'll Discuss two Pathwork Lectures -- 238 and 243

Traci and Joel's house.
Address: 107 East 38th Street, New York, NY 10016

At our last Pathwork evening, we discussed the Guide's conception of ourselves as the interface between life and the void. On August 2, we will talk about Lecture 238, “The Pulse of Life on all Levels of Manifestation,” and Lecture 243, “The Great Existential Fear and Longing.”

The Guide says that life and consciousness is in a continual cycle of pulsation – expanding, static, contracting, and then expanding again. These rhythms govern everything we know – from our coming to life and dying, to the births and deaths of stars, to breathing itself.

From Lecture 238: “The perfection of the life manifestation depends on the strength and fullness of the pulse of divine life. If the pulse is strong and full, life will manfest this in various ways. Health, beauty, intelligence, goodness, talent – all these divine aspects are “pumped” into the life manifestation, just as the heart pumps the blood into the organism. Any imperfection – ill health, unattractiveness, lack of intelligence, negativities, problems, poverty, lack of talent, and so on – reveals that the main pulse of divine penetration is weak.”

The second Lecture, “The Great Existential Fear and Longing,” also shares the perspective of human life's mission as “surging forward deeply into the world of matter, filling the void with divine life. In this process, particles of your consciousness have temporarily separated themselves and lost their knowing, eternal and inevitable connectedness with the All-Consciousness. You need to re-establish this connection by the process I now describe [the Pathwork] and put all of your heart, soul, mind, and will into this undertaking...”

We will meet to share our perceptions of these Lectures, and make deep connections with each other and where we have to go as we work to understand our tasks in this life. We meet at 7pm on Friday, August 2, at 107 East 38th Street, Apartment 4B in Manhattan.